Glass prosthetic artificial eye on a table with a firey background

Stock Photo: Artificial Eye

September 1st, 2011

Here is looking at you, kid!

A prosthetic eyeball is looking back at the audience and is waiting for just the right moment.

It is watching everything you do. If you move around in front of the screen, can’t you just see it following you around the room?

Actually, when I got up from making this entry, the eye followed me around the room and down the hall. It was watching me as I made my cup of coffee and even looked in the fridge. Of course, it couldn’t warn me that the cream was a bit past its due date.

After eyeballs can’t talk, can they?

For an unwatermarked download of the photo for use in your marketing or for your next music cd cover..

Possibilities: medical brochures, posters, music cds, vision web sites, etc

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