Coronavirus Safe Product Photo and Headshot Sessions

Yes, we are doing industrial product photography. We are just doing it remotely, which isn’t that hard! Check our Coronavirus Safe Photo Session Tips

Law Office Rebranding Photography

How we approached law office rebranding photography sessions for a recent law firm. And, how to think about client interaction casting.

Cherry Bomb! The Podcast

If you create a series of photos to spark conversations about food, art and sustainability, the next step would be Cherry Bomb! The Podcast! Conversations with professionals in the business of food art and sustainability.

Simple Product Photography on White for Better Marketing

Simple product photography can be very effective as a marketing tool. But, only if you follow our handy check list.

Product Photography Illustration for Scale

For when you can’t shoot on location, there is always product photography illustration to save the day! Here’s a little photo illustration story.

The Joy of the Photography Shot List

A photography shot list takes the chaos out of creating great photography for your marketing projects. But, it does take a little work to put together. Here’s how to set it up.

Hi Identity Headshots for Glen Hawkins

Creating a new Hi Identity Headshot for Glen Hawkins in the studio, under coronavirus safe conditions. Branding doesn’t stop…

Industrial Product Photography in the New Reality

Yes, we are still doing industrial product photography. We are just doing it remotely, which, actually, isn’t new and isn’t that hard!

The Head Shot Mindset and How to Get It Right

Your head shot mindset will make the difference between a successful headshot and one that can actually hurt your reputation. Here’s how I approach it.

How to Prep for BioTech Photography

Life, as they say, is in the details. And, prepping for a successful biotech shoot is certainly no exception! Here are some tips on how to get great marketing photography for your labs and start ups.

Headshots for the Web and Beyond – The Kronenfeld Session

Headshots for the Web and Beyond: Creating portraits of a certified sex therapist is just as fun as you would imagine it!

Product Photography Post Processing For Better Sales Presentations

Product photography post production is the key to showing your customers just how great your product is. Follow us as we make a client’s watch sing!

Micro Product Photography for Manufacturing

Here’s a quick little post about how we created micro product photography for manufacturing to help a client’s tiny products stand out from the crowd and “sing” for their potential buyers.

Make Sure Your Headshot Matches Your Brand

One of the keys to a great company web site is consistent, awesome company headshots. Here are some tips to make sure your headshots match your brand.

5 Secrets to Great Lab Photography

Secrets to great lab photography that will make your next web site update sing to your potential clients and customers. Here’s what you need to know.

What to Wear for Business Headshots

5 tips on what to wear for business headshot sessions. And, why they are important! Make a great first impression online with a little planning.

Four reasons why group portraits waste your marketing budget

Four reasons why group portraits waste your marketing budget and how to plan for effective company headshots and get the best bang for your marketing buck.

Are Your Photos Sabotaging Your Brand Consistency

Photography can directly effect your brand consistency. Don’t make these classic mistakes and show your clients photos that don’t reflect your quality.

How to Find Your Most Appropriate Headshot

Our two gallery review system helps find the best, most appropriate headshot for your marketing programs. Avoid overwhelming your execs and keep it simple!

Does your online photo match your in person brand?

Your In Person brand and your online brand need to mesh to support your future interactions. Does your headshot support your in person brand?

Is your product photography working? Outsourcing may help.

Countless hours spent creating your product. Why you should outsource the photography?

What is Product Photography?

Product, table top, still life, catalog, and sell sheet photography: designed to to tell your product story to your potential customers.

How Sales Trainer Headshots Work The Room

Sales trainers use a system to get the best results. So does this sales trainer headshots photo shoot!

6 Articles about Good Headshots for Different Industries

Just what is the perfect headshot for my industry? Ultimately, it’s your call. But, here are a few business pro articles to help.

5 Reasons Other People Say You Need a New Headshot

Of course I say you need a new headshot. But, don’t take my word for it: Check out what these experts have to say!

Action Photos at School For Admissions

Capturing the students in action photos at school for a school capabilities brochure. This wasn’t so much capture as it was planned improvisation of the students working with their teachers.

Executive Portrait Wardrobe Tips

Here are my Executive Portrait Wardrobe Tips for contemporary business portraits. These can be quickly and easily created at your location or even easier in our studio. And can be easily adapted for use on web sites, e-newsletters, press packets, brochures and presentation posters. But, a little preparation can help make sure that your executive [...]

Headshots for Creative Credibility

The Headshot and Credibility Maybe I am the only one who sees the relationship between your headshot and your credibility. But, when I am on LinkedIn and having conversations, reading the groups, or researching people to either help me run my business or network with, I have found that my own belief in someone's credibility [...]

Stalking The Business Portrait, Stalking You!

The corporate business portrait, headshots, avatars, profiles, and publicity shots are more valid now than they have ever been. Except instead of only using it to send in to the local paper when you are doing something new or newsworthy, these photos are being used in blogs, on social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook [...]

Baking the Perfect Photoshoot

I blame Eastman Kodak. They came up the tag line,"Just push the button and we'll do the rest" in 1888.  Sure, eventually it sold a lot of Brownie cameras and prints. But, it also totally glossed over the backbone of any great, story-telling photo: the base concept that the photo illustrates to a specific audience. [...]

5 Things to Consider for a Business Headshot

A Business Headshot is more than just a portrait. It is a marketing tool that represents you to your potential clients, partners, vendors, etc. It is very often the first impression that people will have of you when they are looking for someone to hire or to solve their problems. Hopefully, it won't be the [...]

Perfect Marketing Photos – The Post Production

So far, the Perfect Marketing Photo was concepted, planned and then was produced. We got the files from the camera. So, we are done, right? Nope! 😉 Perfect Marketing Photo Post Production The Perfect Marketing Photo for your advertising brochure now goes through Post Production. This could be anything from simple color corrections to extreme [...]

Perfect Marketing Photos – The Shoot

The last Perfect Marketing Photo - PreProduction gave us a plan, a shot list and the basic sheet music so that we could execute our concepts and create effective marketing photos to promote your company in a timely manner. Now, let's talk about the actual production. Doctor consults with assistantThe Day of Photography - On [...]

Perfect Marketing Photos – The Plan

In the last Perfect Photo Shoot post, we talked about how to come up with the perfect concept for your next marketing photos. The next step is to make The Plan. The plan makes the perfect location portrait possible. More often than not, a new client will simply ask me to show up on location [...]

The Perfect Executive Portrait – The Concept

The most important part of any executive portrait happens long before we pick up a camera. We must decide just what exactly we want that photo to do.

The Art and Science of Location Photography

Creating photographs in industrial facilities, in a lab, in an office, in a conference center miles away from a studio, is an exercise in timing, creativity, inspiration, improvisation, perspiration, occasionally desperation, and, of course, diplomacy! That is why proper planning prevents poor performance… and ultimately, prevents poor photography. The most successful location shoots start with [...]

Packing Up for Location Photography

While we were unpacking for a recent location photography session for a tech manufacturing company, one of the subjects we were working with commented on the gear we were bringing in. Specifically, how much gear was coming out of my car. “It’s like one of those clown car shows!” It got me thinking about how […]

5 Things to Think About Before Your Next Headshot

Over the years, I have created thousands of portraits designed to be used as headshots for executives, business professionals, actors and entertainers. My clients and I have quickly discovered that there is a science, as well as an art, to the process.  By putting the science first, we are able to creating the most effective [...]

How to Strategize Headshots and Your Personal Brand

I recently started a question over on LinkedIn about social media portraits. There was a flurry of answers that covered a wide variety of topics and concepts. But, at the end of the day, your head shot is more important than ever to your personal brand. "Personal branding is a description of the process whereby [...]

The First Principle of Headshots (or commisioning any other photography, for that matter!)

There are six principles that guide me through the process of making pictures. And the first is: 1. Perception is Everything.   Or, as I like to put it, “Your audience is your story.” How does this translate into your project? Simple. Know your audience. Who do you want to influence with this photo? What […]

What’s the Difference between a Headshot and Business Portrait?

If you call me and ask about “headshots” for you or your company, don’t be surprised if I call it a Business Portrait! Here’s the difference between a headshot and business portrait.

Art for the Start(up) … Publicity Pictures

Some considerations about a Publicity Photo.

Art for the Start(Up) … Selling a Product with Photography

How do I differentiate my product from everyone else’s with photography?

The Office Group Portrait Photography

How do you create a group portrait for marketing purposes, anyway?

How a Professional Photographer would shoot it…

This was one of those attempts where the machine slipped and shot a shower of sparks straight back at the lens… and photographer!

How do I Prepare for a Business Headshot?

Call them what you like, they are simply the very first thing that most potential customers are going to see when they come across your information.

It’s Just a Simple Product Shot

At the end of the day, the “simple product photo” had to weave through many different decisions to arrive at this simple, clean, cover-worthy photo.

How much does Professional Photography Cost?

“What kind of a budget are we trying to keep the photography within?”
“I don’t know.”

There are no Accidents in Product Photography

Your Audience Judges Actually, according to your audience, whether it be as a photographer or marketer, there are no accidents in any of your images or materials. Whatever they see is what you meant to show them. You could tell them that something was a lucky accident or that it was a mistake and they [...]

How Much Does Photography Cost?

Oh, my. How often does this question come up? I mean, besides every day! If you are using photography in your marketing, or are thinking of doing it, then the answer comes down to “how much money do you plan on making?” Sounds like a lame way of side stepping the original question, but it […]