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Stories of Fine Art Photography

Boston Hassle reviews The Depth of Perception, a National Juried Show, at Fountain Street Gallery, featuring Sharing #1, my teddy bear art!

Promethean Dreams, set to the music of Mark Neil. A Fire Art Video.

Good vs Eeevil back on for a battle at Space242 opening and three of mine were there!

Party central at McKee Photography at Studio 7!

Matt McKee Photography receives award medals for two image in the prestigious International Aperture Awards.

UPDATE: Photo to be shown at On Green, the Jamaica Plain Annual Juried Show. Come to the reception on June 19th. And, when the shadow appeared on my background, it was a slam dunk to think of the first scene, where Peter chases his shadow around Wendy's room and she sews it back on.

Fine Art Photography

Stories about our Fine Art Photography practices, where to buy prints, upcoming art shows and more.

These are the latest tales from a Boston based commercial and fine art photographer.

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