BioTech Startup sell sheet photography

Sometimes you just can’t get the products into the studio. So the studio needs to go the the product.

This measuring tool was too big and too much a working prototype to risk schlepping it down to my photostudio in Hyde Park. Instead, we geared up and headed to the company to shoot in a conference room near where it was built. As this was one of only two of the devices on site, there were a few moments of consultation between the marketing people and the sci technicians about set up and proper hose assembly placements, etc.

I made a couple of suggestions about what would look great and then went back to what I know: lighting and composition. Let the techs battle out the legitimacy of one hose over another.

In the end, we got a great, relatively reflection free, raw file. A little careful retouching and it is ready for delivery to the marcom team.

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