Branding and the Commercial Photographer’s “House Style”

Branding is always an interesting exercise and something that every company should take a look at. Because, no matter what, you are a brand to your customers/audience.

The really interesting part is when you discover that what you think your brand stands for is not what they think your brand stands for.

For example, an excellent graphic designer and branding expert, Christine Conrad Lane, commented that one of my selling features was “No specific house style.”

That freaked me for a moment. And, then she continued with “That is important to me.” She needs someone who is flexible and skilled enough that they can tell the story that meet her clients’ goals… with whatever tools, props, looks or style that is appropriate.

She finished her branding statement of my photography with “Matt McKee Photography captures reflections of the reality you desire.”

Which, come to think of it, is how I see my photography as well!

The image above was originally created for the Spring House on Block Island, art directed by the Hue Brand Group.

The original file, as shot, was a nice porch image. But, to get the “reflection of reality that [a potential hotel guest would] desire,” I needed to take it further.

Hope you enjoy it!

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