Candied Pear, NorthPointe

During the dog days of August, this tasty fruit dessert with wet your whistle!

This image was part of a series I created with one of my favorite art directors. We traveled out to Ohio to a conference center, where we had an opportunity to create images of everything from food to people to places.

The fun part of working with Brian is that he is relaxed and supportive and gets just as excited as I do about creating these new images. He always has a concept that we can start from and is not afraid to improvise when we are on site.

When we had landed out there, we had no idea what kind of photo we were going to create of the food. We only knew that Chef was making all new dishes for us.

Looking around the dining room, we had these great windows looking out over the pool area, with indirect sun flowing in. We started out with a ton of different props and kept paring it down until we just had the pear, the plate and the table cloth. The flowers were added to bring in a little contrasting color.

Bon Appetite!

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