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Corporate portraits as off-site retreat

Corporate team building exercises take all kinds of forms. How about an off-site retreat corporate portrait session?

Off-site Retreat Corporate Portraits

Chris T. Yin during off-site retreat Corporate Portrait
Chris T. Yin during off-site retreat Corporate Portrait

Recently, a newly formed consulting group booked two days at the studio, to do two part Yin/Yang style, off-site retreat corporate portrait.

Each executive would have a business style, conservative dress portrait, followed immediately by a stylized, editorial style, fun portrait, featuring something that they brought from their personal life.

They treated it as an off-site retreat corporate portrait session. It was an opportunity to get the team out of the office together for a little team building.

Corporate Portraits to Tell The Story

Chris T. Yang style during off-site retreat Corporate Portrait
Chris T. Yang style during off-site retreat Corporate Portrait

As an exercise in creating photographs for marketing, it was a great example of content following the creative strategy.

The goal of the two part sessions was to give potential clients and investors a much more complete illustration of the personality of the individual, as well as the culture of the entire firm.

The final images for each person will work great for multiple marketing tools, from the initial web site bio pages to company proposals, speaking engagements, news and blog releases, and social media avatars.

A Photo shoot as a Team Building Exercise

Johan P, Managing Director
Johan P, Managing Director

But, that was only half of the significance of the sessions.

At one point, while the CFO was working with my makeup artist to get covered in mud, I looked into the lounge area and the CEO was set up with three colleges, laptops open, deep in discussion.

They had taken the field trip to the studio and had turned it into a productive off-site meeting, complete with a conference call and virtual white boards.

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