Daniel Ian Smith Jazz Musician CDs

Daniel Ian Smith and I have known each other for years and have worked together several times on his various cd projects around town. He is a fantastic jazz musician, band leader and saxaphonist and is always turning me on to great music and wonderful wine.

He had been after me for a while now to schedule some time in my studio for one of my new fangled portrait projects.

We finally were able to mesh our schedules and get the photoshoot started last week. We did two sets in about an hour and could have happily shot the morning away. But, life, as always, intrudes and we wrapped both a Dark Portrait set and got to take advantage of the natural light in the studio too. At the end of the day, I think the resulting portraits are a good play off of both the cool and the hot jazz Dan gets to lay down every performance.

The one of the best moments of the shoot was listening to him riff along with Miles Davis. (Thanks for bringing in Miles’s Nefertiti!)

You can get over to his web site and check out his schedule for performances. You can also preview some really great jazz projects. And buy his cds!

Daniel Ian Smith


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