Ever get caught with your finger up your nose?

All right. Yes, picking your nose is an ultimate gross out. I know, I know. But I couldn’t resist.

Have you ever stopped at a stop light and looked at the people in the cars around you?

Each one is the center of their own world. Each one is the ruler of all they survey from within their mobile glass and steel microcosm. They can exert total control over this little world, directing where it goes and even how warm or cold it is inside.

And, within that bubble, anything they do is justified. After all, they are the center of that little universe, with God-like powers.

Or, maybe I am projecting a bit…

Have you ever sat at a stop light and realized that someone was watching you from the next car?

My thanks to Cynthia Murphy for mua, Wendy Joseph on Styling and Ryan Vigilant for sticking his finger up his nose… over and over again!

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