Film Stills Series – #2

A scene from a scary movie. A young woman in a dark hallway, at night. Tough and independent, the heroine makes her way through all obstacles. Until she reaches the last room. There, all is revealed. It is a story as old as time and young as the movies, full of suspense, action and adrenaline!

Or at least it implies that moment before something happens….

Actually, Jenny Bradgon and I worked this out in the studio to make it appear as if it was outside at night.

My thanks to Jenny for her great acting skills!

The Film Stills Series of photographs is slowly morphing into The Disquiet Slumber Series, which is also being fed by my Dark Portraits. More on that later.

These stock photos are available for immediate download for your next brochure or ad.

beautiful cheek bonestattoo of heart

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