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Footlight Club Brochure Cover Shot

A Moment on Stage

I was asked to create a cover for the 2008-2009 Footlight Club Season Brochure. This year’s theme was A Moment on Stage, featuring a dancer, in homage to the FLC’s tradition of doing two popular musicals per season.

We wanted to do it at the theater but were hampered by the fact that there was currently a set for the next show being built. So, we pivoted to showing it from the Dancer’s point of view.

We used the existing lighting scheme to play with the idea that the players often have no view of the audience. While they do get to feed off of the energy and vibe, the lights keep them from actually seeing the people in seats.

As soon as we got set up and ready to start the photography session, one of the dimmer packs crackled and threw up an impressive cloud of smoke.

“Glad it happened now and not during a performance!” quiped Jason, our stage manager.

Liz Doran was our talented and patient dancer. Amy Stahl art directed the shoot and the brochure.

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