Gypsy Post Card

Ah, the beautiful Johanna Perri is back, this time in the postcard promoting the production of Gypsy at the Footlight Club in Jamaica Plain.

This one is one of the poses that she came up with.

People sometimes ask me about my lighting and why I don’t talk more about how I create on set. The truth is that, I have been doing this long enough that I don’t really think about the specific lighting. I am thinking more about the effect I am trying to create and what tools I have in my bag of tricks that can help me reach that goal.

In this case, the lighting was super simple. I used one white umbrella up front and a silver umbrella in the back that acted as both a background light and accent light.

My thanks, again, to Sean Young, for, ah, fiddling with the naughty bits! And, Kristine Young of MoxieStar Salon in Boston, for hair and makeup.

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