Mondays at Matt’s The Actor Sessions Booking Now!

“These are not yer Daddy’s HeadShots!”

Back by Popular Demand, Mondays at Matt’s is now booking for March 7th, 2011.

Headshots are the number one marketing tool used by actors to get in front of casting directors. So, why are you using generic snaps that make you look like every one else in the cattle call?

Stand out with Matt McKee’s Dark Portraits. Now booking for March 7th Session.

Bring your Character – The Philosophy

After talking with several casting directors, and doing some of my own casting for projects, I noticed that so many actors’ headshots are generic, factory produced pieces that say absolutely nothing about the actor’s range, personality or even comfort levels — nothing good, anyway!

My actor and performance friends started talking to me about getting headshots done in the style of my Dark Portrait portfolio series. They wanted something different, something that would allow them to look better than a generic, stiff, uncomfortable smile on a generic background. But, headshots need to contain certain elements in order to meet the needs of the casting directors, too.

So, we set out to accomplish exactly that: An Actor’s Dark Portrait Headshot, designed to give the casting directors what they need, while showcasing the talent and skills of the actor.

The results? Chris Palermo, host of MassMovieMavens and talented character actor, got himself a 3 week featured extra roll. He said that the Dark Portrait Headshot we created was sitting, prominently, in the casting director’s flip book, when he went in for the go-see.

What is included in the session fee?

  • 1/2 hour pro Makup/Wardrobe Consult
  • Up to an hour on set w/ Matt
  • One hi res, tweaked file – more can be ordered.
  • Free file delivery
  • $350 per session, plus MA sales tax

Call to reserve your session: 617-910-9314

What happens at a session?

  • Book your session by calling us and holding the time with a credit card. You can pay by cash or check when you come in.
  • Pick your favorite character and research it like you would any role. Think about their attitude, what they would wear, how they would stand, etc.
  • Get your wardrobe together and head for the studio.
  • Arrive on time or early and talk to our talented professional makeup artist and team about wardrobe and which outfit is right for the session.
  • Get your Character on and get on set.
  • Through out the shoot, we will look at what we are doing and share feedback about what is working and what we might try different.
  • At the end, we pick the best file (or files) to get processed for final output.
  • Within three days, you will receive a download link to the high resolution (suitable for print) file. Or you can have us make prints and deliver them to you directly.

What if I want a longer session/more changes etc?

Of course! Talk to me and let me know what you want to do and, together, we will figure out how to make it happen.

I can’t make March 7th. What should I do?

  • You could wait to see when we schedule the next Mondays at Matt’s.
  • Or, you could book a regular Dark Portrait session on a different date.
  • Or, you could create your own Mondays at Matt’s by getting a few friends together for an evening at the studio. Get four or more and you can get a great deal for your own session!

What is this referral credit I keep hearing about?

Bring in a friend and get a $50 credit toward your next Monday At Matt’s session. Bring in 5 friends and get your session paid for!

“Casting directors sift thru thousands of headshots. I love how my headshots cut thru the pile.”  Chris Palermo, Host, MassMovieMavens

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