Neponset Valley Philharmonic Orchestra Performance

What happens when you send me to a Symphony? Do I sit back and enjoy the music…. Well, no, not exactly…

Nicki, the executive director, and I talked about what they were looking for and I let her know that I am not what you would call a traditional event photographer. I am not known for my grip and grin work and, if I am at a wedding reception, I am usually dancing with my wife or chasing my children away from the wedding cake.

That was fine by her. She wanted to capture the “soul” of the event and was more interested in photos that illustrated what was happening, rather than just documenting it.

After speaking with Larry Isaacson, the Maestro, I showed up to the dress rehearsal and started exploring the visual tapestry.

By the end of the rehearsal, I had filled 2 and a half cards with images and had only 2 close calls with a cello player’s bow (those things can really stick out when they are in the heat of the music!). During the actual performance, I refrained from shooting until the applause or during really loud parts to avoid distracting the music lovers from their rapt attention to the performance.

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