Not Your Father’s Headshot

Headshots are still required tools of the trade for today’s actor. However, it seems that the days of getting 1000 prints made and slapping resumes on the back are almost history.

When I do a casting call for one of my projects, the first round is all via email. The producer and I will print out the ones we want to look at more closely.

Which reminds me: If you send in a jpg, the first rule should be to make sure it is at the size requested. Too small and you look like crap when it gets printed. Too big and it takes too long to download/print/etc.

And the second, and more important rule: Make sure you put your name and at least one piece of contact information on the file! Too many times, I have gone back to a pile of prints and found a picture that looked interesting, only to find that I didn’t have the original email any more. Yes, that is my fault, but guess who didn’t get the gig?

This image is Paul Conroy, actor, director and writer. He came into my studio for another project and we had some time left over at the end. So we set up a quick “Dark Portrait”. He nailed it in about 15 minutes (another thing I like about working with actors) and we went to a great lunch at Cafe Paradiso in Dedham.

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