Ode to Coffee

I love the aroma of fresh ground beans.
The ritual of the filter, grounds and water.
Flick the switch
The hiss and dribble, the cough, cough…It’s done.

The clink of ice in the glass (ice coffee is the best).
The pouring of milk to mellow the flavor and bring it out.

The visual of white swirling into brown, flowing around the ice to mingle at the bottom.

I love that first taste in the morning, the first perk, if you will, of energy as caffine meets sleepy neurons.

The taste, in the afternoon, of the smooth blend and that last rush to get things done before wrapping for the day.

The final finish, after a good meal and tasty desert, before sleep.

Of course, now that I am 40, decaf gives me the mellow rush, without the bitter jitters. And, no coffee at all after 3 if I want to sleep that night.

Ah, nectar of the gods! How cruel to have to pass on it tonight.

But there is always tomorrow morning!

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