Personal exploration through photography.

Matt McKee’s fine art photographic works, described as both painterly and cinematic, are very technical, while maintaining an often whimsically dark conceptual side.  When he was seven, the gift of a Polaroid camera began the creative process. Not satisfied with simply documenting the world around him, he quickly learned to create his own worlds where he could place his subjects and influence our perceptions.

A graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology and a 20 year veteran of the marketing world, his award winning images have been shown and collected world wide.  “I am motivated by light (and its absence), the subversive idea, and by point of view. I am fascinated by the willing suspension of belief and the malleability of perception that we bring to an image. And, I love creating something that is both technical and its opposite.”

His art has been shown and collected world wide, with pieces finding homes with art lovers and collectors, chefs and engineers, in Beijing, Bermuda, Spain, New York, Los Angeles, London.

“McKee’s photographs examine what can sustain life, or destroy it.” – Boston City Paper

“Deceptively simple in appearance.” – Joy Cochran

“It’s clear from the start, Matt McKee is no ordinary artist.” Celina Colby, ARTCover Magazine

“Matt McKee brings new meaning to the word “Cherry Bomb! with his Sweet Blasts! collection.” The Phoenix

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