Sweet Blasts! Collection

Sweet Blasts! Collection

by Matt McKee

About The Sweet Blasts! Collection

Sweet Blasts! Kitchen Collection

The Sweet Blasts Collection: “McKee’s photographs examine what can sustain life, or destroy it.” – Boston City Paper review.

I created the Sweet Blasts! series to explore, and call attention to, the juxtaposition of the hand of man in the natural processes.

Each work is created in camera, combining a food item with a hand grenade fuse and then given a digitally augmented facelift to show each subject at the commercial apex of its “perfection”.

We, as a species, have a driving need to tinker, catalog and alter our world, for better or worse. Our choices are often made at a level below our consciousness and then rationalized, or apologized for, after the outcome. Our practice of “intelligent design” has allowed humanity to dominate so much of our world.

However, while we have fed millions, more than doubled life spans and allowed us to reach for the stars, our efforts are not without consequences.

We stand on the brink of global disaster, in a world that we have modified using short sighted goals. We have allowed our seas to rise, ice caps to melt, oceans to slowly strangle and drinkable water trickles where it used to flow freely.

Sweet Blasts! is designed to arrest the eye and start the conversations that may, one day, lead us to use our tinkering to save ourselves and our world.

Each image is available as a limited edition print on aluminum, sized from 5″ x 7″ to 40″ x 50″. Contact the studio for more information.

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The Sweet Blasts! Collection

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