Portrait of Shades of Skin Bassist: Brian Heil

Brian and I go way back. He is an amazingly talented art director who took a chance on a young photographer from Dedham. I think I have cured him of that, for now…

He is also the bassist for the alternative rock band, Shades of Skin, out of Uxbridge, MA.

I went down to Uxbridge with make up and hair artist Shauna LeMay for a session to promote the band.

Over a 5 hour session, we set up everyone with the Dark Portrait background and worked with everything from strobes to little LED hand lights, to get the mysterious effects that he was looking for.

We walked away with tons of great pictures! Now, of course, comes the dreaded editing process. On the one hand, it is great to have lots of choices. On the other hand, how do you choose??

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