Real People The Power Lunch Sessions

Continuing my theme of “real people” are the images I created for the PowerLunch Program. This program brought in executives on their lunch break to read and tutor children in school. It was a pretty cool concept and well art directed by my good friend, Brian Heil, who is now the AMA President in Providence, RI.

Kids add a special twist to the concept of “real people”. You either connect quickly with the child or you can miss completely. This can add some interesting pressure on a shoot for marketing. And, of course, a child’s stamina on the shoot and their interest can wane pretty quickly.

The trick, IMHO, is not to dangle the reward in front of their face (“hey, yer gonna get a cheeseburger when we are done!”), because they don’t think in terms of long term goals. They don’t care about getting paid later, they want to have it all now.

So, get the gear up before the kids get on set, and then just concentrate on playing with them. Be flexible, be sensitive, and know when to quit and move on to the next child.

And, don’t forget to thank them when you are done, because they are working hard, too!

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