Retro Model Headshots

The lovely Kate B is back in the studio, this time for a brochure cover for the Footlight Club. We started looking at classic 40’s style cinema headshots and then started rolling from there. The concept behind this brochure cover, to me, was referencing the sense of history that the club spans. This is their 135 season. At the same time, they are taking on some interesting shows and there is definitely a young crowd running around in its old hallways.

Kate’s piercings and classic features brought both out for me. Unfortunately, we did have to retouch out the nose ring and the lip spike in the final cover.

The shoot evolved through several outfits and the deft styling of Kacie Corbelle (ennis), until we reached a much more theatrical look. Almost Black Swan, with a tear drop added for a little more story line.

All in all, a really fun, creative shoot, with an awesome collaboration.

I’ll show you the brochure soon!


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