Serendipitous Commercial Photography Moments

We just finished up a big shot with a model and stylist, art director, client representative, client rep’s representative, two house keepers (who were just curious), myself and my assistant, and a passing guest (who was apparently looking for the pool) all in this one hotel room.

It was the usual organized chaos of a photo shoot.

Or, rather, the wrapping up of the shoot.

The stylist was trying to get her stuff separated from the model’s. The model was trying to find his pants (a story for another entry). My assistant was trying to collect my lights. And the guest still didn’t know where the pool was.

I looked down at this little box: the mint on the pillow, surrounded by roses. I look up at the creative director, who is looking at me. The music swells up.

I yell at the assistant to turn down the radio.

Another image that wasn’t on the shot list but was too good to pass up. It ended up on the cover of the hotel’s brochure and in one of their ads.

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