Social Media Portrait for the Law Office

Canton Attorney Brian Mahoney stopped by the studio to update his aging headshot. He has been working on updating all of his marketing materials, including his social media tools. As a prolific writer and estate and elder law attorney, he needed two different styles of images. One would be more appropriate for his practice’s target client base. The other needed to be more editorial in flavor to capture some of many writing projects he has going.

Out of curiousity, I did a little research into what other law practices are using for portraits on their bio pages. I was surprised at the number of pictures that were placed on what were often very nice web sites. Some of these images looked like they were scanned from old headshot prints. Others were done with what looks like a cell phone camera. There were also a few bio pages that linked to LinkedIn, where the only portrait was the default grey person icon.

According to a 2010 blog post on The Great Jakes Blog, more and more lawyers are being hired long distance, with their bio picture being the only representation that a potential client has before they hire the practice.

I understand that, according various state laws, marketing for lawyers can be a tricky negotiation, one that they often prefer to avoid.

However, with today’s technology, any one looking to hire a professional is going to hit Google first. And, LinkedIn, and all the other social medias are included in that research.

The individual or company with the professional looking portraits is going to have the advantage. A good headshot is worth the investment.

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