Stock Photo: How to Kill a Harddrive

Harddrive failure is a simple fact of life. But what happens if, despite all predictions and precautions, your harddrive, and the personal data it contains, rises from the dead!

Undead, vampire harddrives, crawling from the garbage cans of IT repair shops and corporate dumpsters, stumbling to their, uh, well, feet, I guess. And, vomiting all that info, or at least some of it, into the waiting databases of evil doers.

Credit card numbers, personal account information, those shameful pictures of you in that so called “fashionable swim suit”, posing in front of the mirror. Gosh, what would you do if your mother found these posted on some strange web site??

Only one solution: preempt the buggers and hit them with a pre-return-from-the-grave staking.

Don’t let your data getting sucked away, bleeding out through a security breach. Go Buffy-style on your harddrive.

I would like to thank Joss Weidon and all the fine folks at True Blood for inspiring this image.

Download this photo: Harddrive Staked Vampire Killer Style.


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