Stock Photo: Nailing the Harddrive Crash

When you are searching through hard drives trying to find that little piece of information, that scrap of data that was so critical, but so hard to find, I find that this sometimes is the only way to get satisfaction.

Yes, it’s true that you will never find that little bit of info. At least, not in this world. And, the rest of the data is corrupted beyond any redemption, too.

But that doesn’t really matter at this point. Right now, in this moment, the heft of the sledge hammer, the feel of the thick shaft and the impact that rocks all the way up your arms is the only thing left. Swing again. And again!

Grab the next drive. Swing. Bang. slam. Move on.

You awake hours later. Every piece of technology has been beyond shunned. It has been eradicated – blown back to a simpler age when data was something recorded with a pencil.

Life is good.

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