Story X: Win, Lose or Draw. A Photo/Graphic Story – Winner!


We have a winner!

With 49% of the votes, Carver Riot takes the win.

If you are interested in seeing the alternative endings, check out Story X Alternatives



Since Story X: Win, Lose or Draw was accepted into the Jamaica Plain Art Council’s Juried Show (reception April 21, 6-9pm, at the Footlight Club, 7A Eliot St, JP. Hint Hint!) we have extended the voting through next week. The final frame will be revealed before the reception, so get your votes in!


Story X: Win, Lose or Draw is a graphic short story (as opposed to graphic novel) where you get to chose the ending!

A courier comes to deliver a package.

But, there is trouble! A knife fight! It escalates! It’s a showdown!

Who fires first? Who wins? Who loses? Or, is there a twist at the end?

What is the final frame? Vote now.


Interview On LostatEMinor….

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A hearty thank you to Rick Chandler for penning the tale. And, a grateful thank you to Carver Riot for totally bringing it! and being so patient while waiting to see the story in its finished form.


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