Sweet Blasts! at Hammond Residential- Artist Reception, Sept 18, 2014

IMG_9259September 18th: Artist Reception
“The World We Live In”

at Hammond Residential in Boston’s South End, in association with Canvas Fine Art.

6-8 pm at 10 Berkely Street.

BNN’s It’s All About Arts will be there, covering the event.

Sweet Blasts! is my continuing body of work exploring my apprehension of the hand of “man” in the nature processes, through combining food with high explosives. These images are created in camera and are not digital super-impositions. The goal of the work is start a conversation about what we are doing with our food supply and the potential consequences that we experience.

Come on down and see selected works from these other artists as well: Beth Barry, Gloria Bernstein, Anna Comella, Tally Forbes, Glora King Merritt, Robert Hickox, Matthias Lupri and Randi Siu.


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