Stalking The Business Portrait, Stalking You!

The corporate business portrait, headshots, avatars, profiles, and publicity shots are more valid now than they have ever been. Except instead of only using it to send in to the local paper when you are doing something new or newsworthy, these photos are being used in blogs, on social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook and in apps for mobile media, such as Bump on the iPhone.

And, people will notice you.

What do you look like through Google?

Healthtech Advisors Business Portrait
Healthtech Advisors Business Portrait

More than ever before in the history of mankind, the images you choose to present, impact directly on your life. Have you ever Googled yourself? What about Googling the person you are about to call for an appointment? If you did it, do you think they will type your name in Google too?

Most likely, the answer is “yes!”

Lawyer, business portrait
Lawyer, business portrait

Are they looking back?

Now to ask the hard questions: When they (you) google them, what do you think they will see? What kind of impression do you think they will have of you? Will they see someone who can solve their problems? Someone who is worth the cost of the solution? Better yet, someone who is worth the cost of picking up the phone and setting up an appointment?

The business portrait that shows up next to your LinkedIn profile, your bio page, facebook business page, yahoo business page, Google+, etc etc, is going to tell them something about you. It is up to you to decide what the headshot should say.

Should you be funny? Stern? Well dressed? Neat? Goofy? Serious?

Your business portrait should reflect you on your best day!

Its important to keep in mind that business portraits are not “selfies”. They are well executed, technically perfect images designed to tell a specific story.

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Your business portrait should reflect you on your best day!

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