The Cherries

JP Open Studios 2007 is right around the corner.

That’s right! Another year has sailed past and, as I sit here blogging, I am realizing that I have a ton of new, personal images that have not seen the light of day yet.

For those of you who are going to be in the Boston area next weekend, I highly recommend checking out this event (and not just because I am going to be there… and not just because I am the Co-President of the organization that is putting it on).

It is an excellent chance to go and visit artists’ studios through out the Jamaica Plain area and discover young and up and coming artists. Of course, there are also extremely talented, veteran artists showing as well.

More information about the JPOS, as we like to call it, can be found here.

The image above goes back to my “Way I see it” series. Cherries was created on the back porch of my studio away from my studio (my folks place) in Maine.

And, now, its time to stop typing and get framing!

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