Group Photos without the Group!

The Impossible Team Photo

Sometimes, the hardest part of doing a corporate team photo is getting the team together! What if you didn’t have to?

This team photo is actually made up of eleven individual portraits done over the course of a morning on location in Waltham. To pull all of these people together for one group shot would have been next to impossible. These are busy people with deadlines, conference calls, meetings and a whole bunch of other reasons why they can’t be in the room at the same time.

Blink and You Missed It.

And, if we could get them in one place, someone is looking the wrong way or blinking or doesn’t like their smile. My simplified equation is that we need about 20 frames per person to get one that has the right expression. So, for 2 people, 40 frames. 3 people requires at least 60 frames. And, so on. So, for the 11 people in this photo, we would have needed at least 220 frames to get one that might have everyone looking natural.

Or, we could use a little technology and strategy to get the best of everyone. I have used this technique with several clients to create group and team photographs without having to juggle expensive schedules or risk compromising one person to make sure we get a good shot of another. We simply photograph everyone separately, but as if they were all together in one place. Then we put the best of each one together in one image.Like anything, it does take some prep work and a fair bit of post production. But, the results are an extremely flexible group portrait that can include any number of team members.

Team Benefits

Another great benefit is that a change in staffing doesn’t mean a whole reshoot. If someone leaves, we can pull them out of the image. If a new person is hired, we just need to create that one image. Which is why we keep track of our lighting recipes so we can easily replicate the look and feel of the other people on another day.

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