Microchip Product Photography – MEMS on set for Publicity

A client came in the other day with a microchip product photography project: photograph his state of the art MEMS (microelectromechanical system) microphone chip. This was the perfect excuse to get out my macro product photography rig!

We used all of the same concepts, lighting and composing that we would for a reasonably sized product and just shrunk everything down so that we could capture the chip at its very best.Macro Photography for Industrial products.


Of course, the real challenge, when photographing at the millimeter scale, is depth of field. It is a fairly simple task to shoot straight down on the chip and keep most of the chip in focus. It is a bit harder to choose an angle that shows the dimensional side of the microchip. For that, we use a custom stepper rig and specialized software to build up layers of focus. A little photoshop to clean up the dust boulders and, voila, a clean, beautiful microchip on a dime!

The results of our efforts and the efforts of their marketing communications from Vetrano.com paid off. Vesper got at least seven articles in major trade publications online on the first day of their release!

vesper MEMS tear 1 vesper mems tear 4 eetimes vesper mems tear 2

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