The Journey of Pippin’s Poster

Pippin’s Poster and Character Portraits

Long time theater Producer Sandi MacDonald brought me in to collaborate with Director Daniel Morris for what may be her last show at The Footlight Club, in Jamaica Plain, MA, before retiring. Pippin’s poster needed to reflect Danny’s modern take on the classic musical.

Kevin Hanley on Pippin's Poster
Kevin Hanley on Pippin’s Poster

The Test Shoot for Proof of Concept

I knew that Pippin’s poster was going to be a little different from other theatre marketing campaigns we have done in the past for the Club. So, we wanted to test a couple of concepts before we had the cast and crew in the studio.

Luckily, the talented ShaycoIndustries was available to come in and hang for an afternoon of hamming it up in front of my camera.

We presented the concepts to Danny, Sandi and Michael Colford, the publicity director at the Club. And, they chose the contrasty and desaturated version.

Pippin Test Poster
Pippin Test Poster
Kevin Hanley on Pippin's Poster
Kevin Hanley on Pippin’s Poster

Theater Photography for Social Media

As part of Michael’s strategy, after we created Pippin’s poster, we created a Facebook Event graphic, using an alternative version of Pippin, played by Kevin Hanley. We also scheduled a series of sessions to create character portraits of several of the principles in the cast.

These images will be shared out over the theatre’s facebook page and instagram feed, along with interviews with the cast about their roles. They were also shared with the cast for their own self promotion of the production.

You can see other posters we have created for The Footlight Club here.

Limited Edition Footlight Club Fund Raiser

Don’t forget that we still have some of these great limited edition cast posters, dating back to our first poster shoot at the Footlight Club for Charles Buch’s Psycho Beach Party.

Click on the poster to get yours.

Liam Christ on Pippin's Character Portraits
Liam Christ on Pippin’s Character Portraits
Andrea Gaingreco, Leading Player, Pippin FLC
Andrea Gaingreco, Leading Player, Pippin FLC
Dorian Burks on Pippin's Character Portraits
Dorian Burks on Pippin’s Character Portraits
Mary O'Donnell on Pippin's Character Portraits
Mary O’Donnell on Pippin’s Character Portraits

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