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Headshots for the Web and Beyond – The Kronenfeld Session

Headshots for the Web and Beyond: Creating portraits of a certified sex therapist is just as fun as you would imagine it!

Elliott Kronenfeld, Certified Sex Therapist

Elliott reached out to me about creating a series of headshots for his mental health practice and his upcoming book jacket. “The key,” he shared with me, “is capturing my personality for people who are facing challenges in their personal lives.”

You see, Elliott is a licensed social worker and certified sex therapist for individuals, couples and families that are dealing with issues that inhibit future growth and happiness.

Headshot Goals

Elliot Kronenfeld, Insight Psychotherapy
Elliot Kronenfeld, Insight Psychotherapy

Our goal for his headshot was to create a series of portraits that would work on his web site that would create a first impression that conveyed the warmth and caring that he and his staff are known for internationally.

But, at the same time, we needed to get across his sense of humor and professionalism. Those concepts can often clash, so we worked hard to find the perfect compromise.

During the session, the conversation came around to human sexuality in all its glorious variations. He was very insightful and we talked about the current climate in our society. It was an enlighting session!

Perhaps that is why his practice is called Insight Psychotherapy!

Keep an eye out for his new book, Couples by Intention: Creating and Cultivating Intimacy, which should be on the shelves in the Fall of 2017. (That’s my headshot on his back cover!)

Elliot Kronenfeld, Insight Psychotherapy
Elliot Kronenfeld, Insight Psychotherapy

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