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Tom Flaherty, Attorney Portrait

Attorney Thomas Flaherty back in the studio to update his executive portrait for LinkedIn.

Attorney Portraits to sell your services

Attorney portrait of Tom Flaherty, Partner at Bacon Flaherty LLC
Tom Flaherty, Partner at Bacon Flaherty LLC

Our attorney portrait is with real estate specialist attorney Thomas Flaherty, founding partner at Bacon Flaherty. He stopped by the studio the other week to update his executive portrait headshot for his web page bio and LinkedIn avatar.

He and I had worked together a few years ago on his previous headshot.

We had kept in touch at various Neponset Valley Chamber of Commerce events and had seen each other around town several times.

As a result of our first meeting, I had brought him in to help me when I was closing on my studio space.

This made the session all the more pleasurable as we fell into an easy patter about life, the universe and everything.

The actual portrait session was something that could almost take place in the background.

The results were wonderful and on target, as he was relaxed and just brought his natural charm out.

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