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The Face of Boston Real Estate – A Selling Portrait

Headshots are pretty much standard fare for real estate marketing programs for brokers. So, how to get noticed in all the visual static?

The Selling Portrait

A Selling Portrait for a Real Estate Professional Headshot
Jaide, Real Estate Portrait

A Selling Portrait must cut through the visual static.

Selling portraits, otherwise known as the headshot, are pretty much standard fare for real estate marketing programs for brokers.

After all, their clients are doing all their research online first – including looking up potential brokers to help with buying and selling their properties.

So, how to get noticed in all the visual static on the internet these days is question number one.

Jaide Fernandes, of Coldwell Banker, was referred to me by one of my clients.

She wanted her image to communicate that she was confident, approachable, and ready to go to work for her potential clients in the Boston area.

She was looking for two different looks, a formal headshot and a more relaxed look for an alternative.

The first would be for her listings, bio page, proposals and formal social media, like LinkedIn. The second was for speaking engagements, blogging, and casual social media.

The session lasted about an hour and a half. We had limited choices for wardrobe, so we chose the one that looked the best and stuck with that for the whole session.

At the end, we had two strong images that were closely related but would easily work in different scenarios and help build her credibility in the upscale markets she services.

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