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Unconventional Portraits?

Unconventional Portraits with my Parents

What 40 years of love look like

A few months back, my parents visited me in the photo studio and I suggested that, while we were here, we ought to do some quickie portraits. After all, the gear is already up, they are already here and …

Well, I have photographed CEOs and scientists, financial consultants dealing with millions and doctors who are working on cures for cancers that I can’t pronounce.

And, yet, I found myself nervous! All of the techniques I use to help build rapport with these strangers went out the window, since there was already a connection dating back 4 plus decades.

They knew me as Son, husband, father, art student, lazy kid who doesn’t want to mow the lawn, etc.

I knew them as Mom and Dad.

Mandy-Sue to the set, please

The session results may not be all that unconventional. However, the experience of creating the session was definitely odd. Our relationship was not based on collaborating on an image, so it felt really strange to suddenly be directing these people on a set.

As it so happens, there are plenty of things to distract people in the studio and we got Mom some groovin’ music to dance to. And, Dad… well, Dad found Mandy-Sue. Mandy-Sue was really in a mood that day.

The Reaction!

This may not be my typical fare, but it was a lot of fun and interesting.

Thanks, Mom and Dad. For everything.

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