Gypsy Poster for Theater Production at The Footlight Club

Gypsy! Bill Doscher, the director, Kristin MacDougall and Carol Pyper, the producers, approached me about this poster before it had even been cast.

I rented the dvd to familiarize myself with the basic story and sketched out a couple of photo illustration ideas. We threw around a few ideas in a production meeting and then we had to wait for casting.

I was nervous because so much of this image relies on the confidence of the actor. And, strutting your stuff on stage can be a very different experience compared to the relatively intimate setting of a photo shoot.

However, I had nothing to fear. Johanna Perri took to the roll like, well, like the professional actor that she is. She brought more than her confidence to the shoot. She also brought her collaboration to the project and we ended up with a wonderful collection of images to choose from.

We did the photography on a white sweep, in the Footlight Club’s lobby, in Jamaica Plain. Sean Young brought his skills with costuming to the project. And, Kristine Young of MoxieStar Salon in Boston, set up hair and makeup before the shoot.


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