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Agatha Christie’s Gothic Horror Poster

Creating the Gothic Horror Poster for Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None” was a team effort.

Gothic Horror Poster With Multiple Layers

Director Peyton Pugmire came to me with an idea for a Gothic Horror Poster for his Production of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None, at The Footlight Club

His concept for the show had physical ghosts wandering in the aisles of the theatre (scared the crap out of us!), mental illness and a whole host of visual twists that brought the story to a whole new level.

Matt’s work is beyond the norm – it’s exceptional. His masterfully designed posters – always intriguing and stunning – help make a community theatre production look like a Broadway smash or major motion picture.

-Producer/Director/Actor, Peyton Pugmire

The poster elements were photographed on a blue screen in the studio. Each actor did as much of the makeup in camera as possible

Peyton played the Judge for the key art, channeling his inner turmoil perfectly. On stage, Matt Finn was in the roll. But Matty made a great zombie for the poster and it added a neat duality for the final presentation.

We didn’t have the budget for eye pieces. So those haunted dead eyes were layered in photoshop.

Add some grit and grime, a little blood splatter and we were ready to promote the show!

The poster features Jenny Bragdon, Matthew Finn, Elissa Jordan, Peyton Pugmire as the Judge and, introducing for the first time, Hunter McKee as Dead Boy.

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