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The Lilith Portrait Sessions – The Start of the Dark Portraits

The Dark Portrait sessions began as an experiment in creating outdoor night time feeling scenes in a small studio. Who knew they would summon Lilith?

The Lilith Portrait Sessions/Dark Portraits

Everyone, meet Lilith. She just came up from Hell to end the world.

Actually, this is Aurora. She is playing the lead in a series of independent films and the writer/director, Rick Chandler, asked me to create an image to use to help define her character to the public in marketing posters and materials.

This was done in studio to create a night time, out doors feel. And, it is one of the first in my Dark Portrait/Surreal Series.

Here is another shot from the session that was inspired by one of the promo pictures of Summer Glau, released for Joss Whedon’s Firefly movie, Serenity.

Happy Halloween Everyone!

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