Cardiofocus Laser Ablation Tools

The brief for this product photo was simple: use some high tech photography tricks to make the laser show up like it would in use… in a person!

So, how do you get a picture of Cardiofocus’s latest Laser Ablation tool?

Start with a 30 gallon fish tank. Add a simple background. Add about 30 cc’s of 2% milk. And then start playing with the light!

Just remember, electricity and water make for a very, erm, shocking combination.

Okay, so the solution wasn’t very high tech, but it got the job done. The fiber optics piped the laser beam through the slightly cloudy water. The milk helped to refract the beam and make it visible to the naked eye.

We did this on location in the Cardiofocus lab on the North Shore.

Cardiofocus Ablation tool

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