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Happy Holidays from the McKee Bros. Ltd!

This historical photo shows the Legend of the Harvesting of Gifts that happened every holiday season, long ago, on the high seas.

The Holiday Studio Card 2008

This historical photo shows the Legend of the Harvesting of Gifts that happened every holiday season, long ago, on the high seas.

Every year, the McKee Brothers make their way down to the tub docks, get in their shower-powered Slipper Tub® from Republic Plumbing, and make their way out on the high seas for adventure and gift harvesting.

Captain Hunter fans the horizon with his Long View Optical Search Engine™, keeping a weathered eye open for the next school of ripe presents and, of course, rogue waves!

Associate Captain Shalor mans the nets, hauling away, to pull up fresh treasures from the briney deep. An easy job, this is not! It takes patience and a practiced eye to fling the Gift Snatcher 750® over the schooling presents. Care must be taken to avoid spooking them and spoiling the trip.

Strange stories abound on the docks of these fertile waters. Perhaps you have one you would like to share with the world. Call us and, maybe, the McKee Bros, or their father, might just be able to help you tell your story!

The Making of the Holiday Card

The Holiday Studio Promo card shoot evolved over the course of a month or so of preproduction, starting with some brain storming and research in the fairytales section of the library.

A quick search of the net and a few phone calls later, I was able to procure a quite beautiful, relatively light weight, small slipper tub from Republic Plumbing in Quincy.

I owe a huge thank you to Bill Duggan and Tom Gunning, at RP for the use of the tub!

The shoot itself took place in two places.

The first was the studio shoot with the two boys in the tub and the presents separately.

Then we piled into the minivan and took off down to Hull Gut on Nantasket for the waves.

We happened to get lucky and there was a storm off shore that was kicking the waves up, plus giving us some great clouds for the composite.

The entire production and post production took a little over 2 days.

The music is Where or When from Daniel Ian Smith.

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