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Actor Headshots

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Matt McKee Photography

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost?

We have several packages, designed to meet most budgets. Contact me with your goals and we can discuss which one is right for you.

Where are you?

I am based out of a 1200 square foot studio in the Westinghouse Plaza in Hyde Park, just a short drive from downtown Boston.

Where will we shoot?

I am primarily a studio photographer, so most of the time, we will work there.

What should I wear?

Dark, solid colors are always best. Bring lots so we have a lot of choices on the day of the shoot. Freshly laundred and pressed will get us the best results. I have a changing room in the studio so you can always switch things up comfortably.

I am not sure if I need a new headshot…

If you are not sure, chances are, you do! As different roles come up, you want to submit the perfect headshot. Casting directors are always looking for new looks for their productions, so a fresh headshot is always welcome.

Do you retouch my photos?

Absolutely. Capturing the look and attitude is only part of the final picture. Tweaking and retouching adds that last little bit that helps you stand out. We don’t over do it and probably won’t make you look 20 years younger (the casting directors hate that!) but we will help you to look like the best you on your best day!

How do we get started?

Get in touch with me through the form here or give me a call at 617-910-9314 and we can start the conversation.

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