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Corporate lifestyle Photography Portfolio

Corporate Lifestyle for Branding and Recruitment

Capturing the Company Culture

Corporate lifestyle photo libraries, or media libraries, are collections of images and assets that can be used by the company or marketing department, to build web sites, brochures, sell sheets, email campaigns and other marketing materials that support the company’s brand message.

How to Build a Photo Library

Most corporate lifestyle photo shoots start with developing a shot list or set of goals. The photo shoot can be as short as a day or can last a week and span multiple locations. Each shoot is customized to meet the client’s specific goals. These are images of your people, your company, your facilities. They will not look like generic stock photography.

They will look like your team, working in your facilities, bonding and being successful.

Using a Marketing Library

Corporate Lifestyle Photos are often used to help convey the company’s culture to new prospective employees and team members. They can be used in everything from banners on LinkedIn to collateral and posters at job fairs to the job listing on your company’s web site.

The other big use of these images is for recruiting the investors. How better to show your company’s diversity than with a photo.

After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

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