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Actor Head Shots - The Alpha and Omega

An actor’s head shot is their calling card. It is what gets the audition and is what is left at the end of a long process.

The head shot may be the only reminder the Casting Director has in their hands a week or a month later.

A good headshot demonstrates the right look and charisma.

A great head shot can help you stand out in the crowd.


Are Actor Headshots Important?

Your head shot is the first impression that a casting director gets of you.

In less than a second, they assess if you have not only the right look and age, but if you have the confidence they are looking for.

Invest in good headshots to make a difference in your career.

What should I wear in my Actor Headshot?

What you wear for an actor headshot depends on the roles you are looking for.

As far as the casting director, or anyone looking at a photo, they understand that everything in the image is there on purpose.

So, make sure that everything in there is on purpose. There are no accidents in the eyes of the audience.

Match your wardrobe to your target role. Create the look you want to win.

And, that look, in turn will help you get into character!

Some of The Actor Headshots We Have Worked On