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Portraits Portfolio

The Art and Science of Portrait Photography

The Unconventional Portrait

There is a philosophy to creating a truly telling and interesting unconventional portrait. It is a collaboration between two people, the artist and the sitter.

Whether it is an image for editorial purposes or to capture a simple moment in a person’s life, a bond gets formed between these two. The studio, out of necessity, becomes a safe place where both are brainstorming and working together to tell one story.

Portrait Photographer as Interpreter

The portrait photographer is an interpreter, listening and moving the sitter’s story through the filter of lens and light, set and mood, and composition, to present that person’s story to an audience.

It is editorial story telling in its purest form.

The Active Portrait Sitter

The subject of the portrait, the sitter, is an active participant in this play. By joining the conversation with the photographer, the sitter’s story can be externalized to the audience.

Truth in a Photograph

They say that a photograph never lies… unless the sitter and the photographer choose to.

In the case of portrait photography, what is a lie but a way to tell the truth?

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