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Key Art for Posters

The Art and Science of Key Art Photography

Key art is a fancy term for the artwork that gets used in a marketing campaign using multiple mediums. Key art photography and key art photo illustrations are often created in the studio to be flexible to fit multiple formats.
This Key Art Photography Poster Portfolio are samples of some of our favorite poster and social media projects of the past few years.

Creating Photographic Key Art Elements for Brand Promotion

Like every marketing project we work on, creating the key art photography all starts at the conceptual level.
We discuss with the Creative Directors and Designers the overall concept of the image we are being asked to create.
How does it fit with the property’s brand?
Who is the audience that we are trying to reach?
How should they feel after seeing the image(s)?

Who Creates the Key Art elements?

Often, we are creating images to fit specific layouts, such as posters and postcards, web graphics and social media memes.
The logo and typography may already have been created and a designer is responsible for the actual production work to put all the elements together, including our photo illustrations.
But, sometimes, we are tasked with doing the illustration and layout assembly.

What does Key Art do in my Marketing Project?

The concepting and design of key art and the resulting marketing tool, is, first, to attract attention, and generate interest in the project. Then, to deliver a message about how the viewer can interact with the project.


How Can I Get Key Art for My Project?

Check out our portfolio of key art photography below and then get in touch with us about your project.

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