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Product Photography on White

Product Photography Portfolio on White?

Lots of times, product photography is often called catalog photography, table top, still life, etc. This is a Product Photography Portfolio on white, filled with examples of some of those types of images that we have created for various clients.

Why Photograph on White?

The simple answer is that the white background removes all the distractions and allows your product to show off… but only if it is well lit, nicely composed and perfectly propped!

Of course, simple ain’t never simple, as a client once told me.

Products on white are the ultimate flexible marketing tool. Add a color, add a background, or simply use it as is, with a killer headline.

Where can I get my product photographs on white?

Most product photography takes place in the studio. Shooting in the studio is a highly productive way of working (because the photo team have access to all of their toys (er, tools!), plenty of room for staging, set up, propping and more.

However, when your products are big, delicate or otherwise too much to move, we can easily bring our productive product photography tools on location to your facility, set up our custom table top photo studio, and create your story telling images to meet your marketing goals.

What about my really small products?

We also specialize in macro photography, which is the art and science of photographing very small things. Macro photography requires some more specialized photography equipment and a steady, creative eye. Often, it may be more difficult to do these types of setups on location, but we have a very comfortable photo studio where you can supervise the photoshoot, approve concepts and generally enjoy hanging out.

What if I can’t be there for my product photographs?

Can’t be at the shoot? That’s okay, too. With our remote set up, you can supervise your productive product photography session and approve your images from the comfort of your own office.

Check out our portfolio of product photography below and then get in touch with us about your new product release. Or, let’s talk about a new look, a new market, or a new view for your products.

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Your next product photography project is crucial.

After all, you only get one chance at that first impression. And, online, you never see the ones that get away!

Your products deserve more than a quick snap, a generic light box and a smart phone snap.

Let us know what’s going on and, we can help you reach for success!

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