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In The Lab Photography Portfolio

Lab Photography For Media Libraries

Marketing Your Lab Abilities

Creating custom lab photography in a research lab, manufacturing lab, pharmaceutical lab, clean room or any other facility takes a little preplanning.

Planning: Secrets of Great Lab Photos

Prior to the actual shoot production day, we will scout the location with you to discuss what photographs will help illustrate the capabilities of the facility

The Lab Photography Shotlist

We will generate a shot list of images that will fit the needs of the marketing piece and plan for the most effective use of our limited time in that space.

Consider This Before Your Shoot

Some things that may need to be prepared ahead of time include:

• Which devices or facility features will your potential clients or investors respond to?

• Who on your team, researchers, scientists or technicians should be heroes in an image?

• Does the lab need to be straightened up for that angle?

• What kind of lighting will we use to make the images more dramatic?

Want More In-Depth?

Check out some of our case studies in our In The Lab photography stories.

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Your next lab photography project is crucial.

After all, you only get one chance at that first impression. And, online, you never see the ones that get away!

Your products deserve more than a quick snap, a generic light box and a smart phone snap.

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