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MEMS Product Photography- On set for high-tech PR

Nailed the macro product photography!

Working with MEMS Technology?

In the world of high-tech PR, sometimes you just have to “nail” your macro product photography. You certainly don’t want to “screw” it up!

A while back, Vesper was in-house with their .5 millimeter microphone chip. They were preparing to launch with a press release and media blitz.

MEMS stands for microelectromechanical systems. It has also been referred to as micromachines in Japan or microsystems technology in Europe.

Our challenge with the macro scale photography was to create product photographs that didn’t use the old coin trick used for scale. While we didn’t give a specific frame of reference (the product press release took care of the details), we did want to make it interesting. A small nail and screw worked as the frame of reference.

We used the focus stacking technique, with Cognisys’s Stackshot and Helicon Focus and Adobe Photoshop for post processing.

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