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Microchip Product Photography – Getting Media Attention for your Startup

Tiny product photography big hit for publicity and articles in the high tech sector.
Tiny product photography big hit for publicity and articles in the high tech sector.

Microchip Product Photography And The Press Release

So, you have created the perfect high tech, micro tech device.

Now, use the power of Microchip Product Photography and a press release to capture the attention of your potential buyers!

Why do Microchip Product Photography?

One of the big challenges that every startup business faces is getting attention in a global market. You already know the problem that your product solves. You may already know who has these problems.  With a little homework on your part, you can get your product in front of these people.

And, these readers are already preselected to be interested!

Start by searching for technology blogs who regularly publish information about new products in your sector.

Make a list. You will use it soon!

The Microchip Press Release

Write a press release. There are plenty of resources online to help you craft a headline and put together the information about your product.

Some of my favorites are and If you are too busy or don’t have the skill set, hire a technical writer.

The Killer Microchip Product Photo

Based on the copy in your press release, get a killer photograph to illustrate your product.

Sorry, a smart phone photograph just won’t do it.

You want an image that shows of the best of your product and helps to illustrate your headline.

Again, hiring a professional here will save you time and money, while maximizing your return on investment.

A great photograph will get your headline and your product the attention it deserves!

Send out the release and the photo.

Send both to your researched list. Make it easy for the editors and writers to put your product’s information on their page.

And, be ready if anyone replies with questions.

Send out the release and the photo.

Important: Rinse and repeat!

Generate a new press release on a regular schedule and you will gain more traction with the editors, the public and with your SEO.

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